Freddie Mercury, Farokh Bulsara was born a Persian, and the religion which he was born into and then enrolled into at the age of 7, was Zoroastrianism. This is a very old faith, stemming right back through history some 3 or 4 thousand years. Although their homeland was once Persia, it has since been re-named Iran. This religion is believed to originate from the days of ‘King Trace’. King Trace or rather its religion basically worked on the principal of Positive, versus Negative. The idea being that you serve one or the other.

In its simplest form, Zoroastrianism works on the same principal. But the days when Zoroastrianism was the main faith of Persia, have long since gone. For way back in the days of Jesus, the Persians had become corrupt and eventually they and the faith they followed, were overthrown by another faith. So what was once a great nation, fell, because its leaders became greedy and power crazed. But it should be pointed out, that most if not all followers of this faith, just like most followers of any faith, were and still are, of a high moral standing, and comply to a very strict method of worship and living.

The `Magi who are of the Zoroastrian Faith, have several mentions and/or references made to them, not only within Queen music, but also within most Holy Books such as the Bible. But as a rule, they are normally entitled – Star Gazers, or the Jester (re: I’m Going Slightly Mad video), the Magician, or the Arch Magician (re: It’s A Kind Of Magic video). And although the `Magi are of the Zoroastrian faith, they are elite in their merit, and as such, this group does not encompass so-called normal people. The people of the `Magi, are born with special power, which when enhanced, enables them to complete many spiritual duties – such as healing the sick both in mind and body, and also they can perform so-called tricks of magic (`Magi is where the word Magic derives from).

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